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I met Cristina and instantly felt so comfortable. My friend and I have done her at home private lessons for years. Her weekly privates are something we look forward to. She truly transforms bodies helping you to get to your best healthy possible self but most importantly she transforms your mind. She is so wise, carrying and heart warming. She has a heart of gold and puts so much love in every practice we’ve shared with her. She takes her time and it is so therapeutic for the mind and body. Couldn’t recommend her more. She’s is such a beautiful teacher and an  inspiration to us. 


I met Cristina through a friend that went to her Sunday events in South Point Park. She highly recommended her for an event I was hosting. After that event Cristina quickly became a very close yogi teacher and friend. She started coming to our home for privates outside once a week and even got my husband to stat practicing weekly with me! Her class always leaves us with a happy yogi high and makes my days brighter. Love how she takes the time to end her class with a meditation, lesson and throughtful light message to relax you even more!


After my first class with Cristina over 3 years ago I thought, “I finally found THE ONE” and I’ve been a dedicated student of hers ever since. For me, flowing with Cristina is soulful, soothing, challenging, inspiring, and so very creative (as no two classes are the same)…. All of this in one. I both attend her classes at SOL and work with her privately and somehow she intuitively creates a yoga experience that reads the vibe / needs of her students that day. The natural approach she brings to her classes is a quality I think few possess and those few are the masters of their trait. I so appreciate the depth of Cristina’s experience as a yoga instructor and also the depth of her soul that she so graciously shares with her students. 🙏🏻 


Cristina is the perfect combination of having a very skilled teacher  that can do amazing inversions and poses and yet has the ability to adapt to make you flow on the perfect practice right for your level. I feel blessed to have Cristina in my life, when she comes to my home I have an amazing practice. Is the best in Miami without a doubt.


Even on day when I'm not feeling 100% Cristina leads us in a challenging practice that leaves me feeling renewed and ready to take on my day!


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