Yogi Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am the biggest Holiday Season Procrastinator. What is a Holiday Season Procrastinator? Is someone that is in denial of the Holiday Season and waits until the last minute to get into the Holiday Spirit and even longer to look for a gift for those holding a special place in our lives.

I am not a big fan of gifts and at the same time I know there are a few people who we just can’t get away without giving them something special.

If that special someone is into yoga or some sort of conscious practice, I got you! I have prepared a special Yogi Gift Guide with the top products any yogi would love to get.

Lululemon The Reversible Yoga Mat 5mm:

My go to practice yoga mat since I started practicing yoga. Grip is everything in yoga, whether it is regular yoga or hot yoga, no one likes a slippery mat.

Price: $78 USD

Other colors available

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Sugar Mat - Travel Mat:

Yogis know how important it is to travel light and also how important it is to bring our mat along to keep our practice going. One of my new favorite brands takes care of that problem with these gorgeous travel mats.

Price: $69 USD

Other Designs Available

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Messages from the Universe:

You can’t go wrong with these cards that everyone loves! Ask and the universe will provide. Discover the power of intentional living with this awesome card deck.

Price: $35 USD

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Glow Designs Mala Beads:

My favorite Mala bead handmade necklaces. Great quality and drop dead gorgeous designs. Elegant to wear with regular clothes or normal yoga attire.

Price: $98 USD

Other sizes and stones available

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Alo Yoga Leggings & Bras

Trendy and top of the line wear. I love me some new Alo yoga pants and matching bra, actually, everyone loves them. My favorites are the Airbrush and Airlift leggings.

Price: $80-120 UDS

Offering a variety of styles and colors

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A Piece of Oz:

From the new collection of Mia Astral, the queen of astrology, this elegant necklace would make a beautiful gift for a special someone. Inspired by astral signs, this piece will make sure your loved one is reminded of their own beautiful cosmic energy.

Price: $170

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Feet Up Inversion Training Tool

My go to tool when I teach inversions. It’s a great gift for someone who is trying to learn headstands while practicing them in a safe way.

Price: $129-179

Other colors available

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De La Heart Rose Water, Palo Santo and Sage

These make a beautiful and simple gift. The Rose water smells amazing and the cute Sage and Palo Santo sets just add the special touch.

Price: $21, $23, $38

Other Products Available

As I end this blog, I will remind you that being present is the best present you can give someone. Your full attention, energy and love is what we all crave the most. Make sure you gift that to those special in your life.

Now back to the material aspect of this Season.. Happy Shopping Everyone!



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